The GenAI assistant for legal professionals

Bringing together generative AI, trusted content, and expert insights for a new era of work

Transforming the way legal work gets done

From automating routine tasks to evolving the value of an entire legal department, tap into CoCounsel’s generative AI (GenAI) capabilities in big and small ways.

More informed decision making

Leverage a generative AI assistant to surface the most relevant information from the most comprehensive source of legal content. Quickly spot legislative and regulatory changes, and be confident in your legal strategy.

Increased productivity

Adopt best practices across your organization with predictive workflows that guide your team efficiency. With CoCounsel, get a broader view so you can optimize work processes across your business.

Work the way you want

Streamline your workflow with the ability to access CoCounsel across Thomson Reuters products as well as third-party applications such as Microsoft. Easily navigate between tasks with a single unified user interface.

Next-level efficiency

Demonstrate the value of your legal team by delivering better advice faster than ever before. Upskill your entire team and grow their knowledge base so you can proceed more efficiently.

A new way of working

Take your work to the next level with CoCounsel, a chat-based assistant harnessing the knowledge of 1,500 legal experts, with you whenever and wherever you need it.

Empowering legal professionals to tackle the future with CoCounsel

Accelerate, streamline, and improve the quality of work across industries and areas of specialization.

Intelligent document analysis

Rapidly understand complex documents and find critical information by asking CoCounsel questions and receiving thorough and nuanced answers.

Accelerated research 

Get relevant answers to your legal questions with AI-assisted research that taps into Practical Law and Westlaw content and expertise to make better informed decisions.

Sophisticated document search 

Pinpoint key information that could be scattered across thousands of documents by simply asking CoCounsel and easily share information across your organization.


Interpret and summarize critical data in dense legal documents such as contracts, court opinions, and transcripts faster than humanly possible—without missing key details.


Take the tedium out of preparing timelines. Easily generate a chronology of events based on an analysis of a set of documents by simply uploading documents.

Contract policy compliance 

Proactively mitigate risk and ensure compliance. CoCounsel assesses whether a contract complies with a set of policies, laws, or regulations and pinpoints clauses that pose a conflict and suggests redlines.

Hear firsthand about the value of CoCounsel in the real world

“CoCounsel is outstanding... It's like having an associate lawyer ready to take on an endless number of delegated tasks and deliver it all in minutes.”

Greg Siskind
Founder, Siskind Susser PC

“This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way lawyers practice. The value of CoCounsel is quickly becoming evident across a range of practice areas.”

In-House Counsel*
Newport Beach, CA

*Subject has requested to remain anonymous.

“CoCounsel will become a foundational tool for our firm. Its efficiency is staggering and frees up more of my time to focus on higher-level, more strategic work.” 

Colin Calvert
Partner, Fisher Phillips

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