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The best legal research tech means attorneys can say “yes”

“I can refer you to another attorney in town that can help you with that matter.” It’s a familiar phrase, one you’ve likely said before. Maybe lately, it’s been more often than you’d like. As your clients’ needs continue to evolve, you evolve with them as much as possible. But as much as you want to keep saying yes to your clients, the time, resources, and energy involved in getting up to speed on unfamiliar practice areas is often impractical.

But what if you could reduce the unbillable time you spent researching the basics on new matters? Imagine being able to confidently say, “sure, we can that take on.”

A better starting point

When presented with an unfamiliar matter, you get an unfamiliar feeling – dread. You’re used to having a handle on the things that come your way. The sense of spinning your wheels – trying to figure out how and where to begin – is not something you welcome. Whether you take on the research yourself or you assign it elsewhere, it still feels like a waste of time and resources.

That is, until you have the right resources – ones that go beyond primary law and traditional legal research to give you a better starting point. Practical Law offers expertly curated, always-updated resources including:

  • How-to guides and information
  • Checklists, templates, and standard documents
  • Legal updates
  • Access to practice notes
  • State Q&A
  • Samples and examples of just about everything you need

You can easily conduct a search with confidence that the results will be accurate, streamlined, and exactly what you need. It’s the practice guidance you need so that you can quickly understand what’s important, why it matters, and how to move forward.

Confidently say “yes” to any legal matter that comes your way

Your business development plans may be different now than they were earlier this year, and they may be different again next year. Maybe you want to actively seek out new clients. Or perhaps your focus is on keeping the clients you already have. The only way to do this is by being able to continue to serve them as their business needs change. However your firm’s growth plans progress, you’ll need to expand your breadth and depth of legal knowledge in practice areas outside of your norm.

With the guidance and aid of more than 300 attorney editors who obsessively monitor legal news and updates, you can feel confident taking on fewer familiar matters or practice areas. The attorney editors have done the heavy lifting for you – how-to guides, checklists, you name it – you’ll know just where to begin and how to proceed.

The tools and resources within Practical Law – and the attorney editors behind it – mean you can grow your practice however you want to grow it – now and in the future.

Get the expert legal advice you need

Your clients count on you as their legal guidance expert. But sometimes, even the experts need expert advice. And that’s where the Practical Law comes in. It’s like having your firm grow by 300 new colleagues. You now have a team of seasoned attorneys whose full-time job is to create the resources you need to get started and keep providing the trusted counsel you’ve built your reputation on.

With Practical Law, you can act quickly with confidence … no matter the matter.

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