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It’s time to get personal – tips to showcase your firm’s personality

As consumers, we’re constantly making judgment calls and decisions about the products and services we choose to purchase. While flashy packaging and a catchy slogan may be enough to convince someone to purchase a $3 tube of toothpaste, for an attorney at a solo or small law firm, the bar is much higher when trying to win over prospective legal clients.

In today’s crowded and competitive legal marketplace, it can be difficult to make your mark and stand out among the crowd. When it comes to conveying and promoting your firm’s brand, are you playing it too safe? By selecting imagery like the scales of justice for your homepage and prominently displaying a laundry list of your professional achievements, you’re missing key opportunities to connect and engage with prospective clients.

Telling your firm’s story

Whether your firm was founded 60 years ago or six months ago, there’s a story to tell. Making that story coherent and compelling can be challenging and the last thing you want to do is turn off prospective clients by providing a dry and detailed account of your firm’s history. Talking about the community and clients you serve can act as a springboard to articulate why your firm exists and what you’re all about in a captivating way.

Highlight the core principles upon which your firm was founded and demonstrate those enduring principles by discussing charities your firm supports, pro bono work you do, languages your attorneys speak and even pets or other office mascots. Your goal is to provide unique and more interesting opportunities for prospective clients to learn about your firm and ultimately convince them why they should call you and not your competitor down the block.

Telling your personal story

While the traditional attorney bio includes information about the academic institutions you attended and your professional awards, to the average prospective client, this information isn’t necessarily compelling. Prospective clients want to know who you are. What’s your personal story? Think about the events and hardships that shaped your life. What’s important to you? What drives you? Why did you go into the legal field? How do you approach your job? Think of your attorney bio as an opportunity to speak directly to and connect with prospective clients in as authentic a way as possible.

Why it matters

Prospective clients want to know that they can trust and rely upon you and your firm to resolve their child custody or business contract dispute. You must appeal to and win them over during a time when they may be facing difficult personal and financial challenges. They are hungry for information and anything you can do to demonstrate that you are not only competent and qualified but also compassionate and human can go a long way towards winning them over.

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