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Business Development

Turn your clients’ demands into revenue

· 5 minute read

· 5 minute read

Corporate clients are reshaping their priorities as they move into 2021. As we discussed in our previous blog, they’re looking for innovative approaches to knowledge sharing, timely advice, and increasing efficiency. Despite spend decreasing across most industries and practice areas, firms who manage to meet these needs see an increase in their share of their clients’ overall legal spend.

So how do you meet these needs? That’s where HighQ comes in. HighQ is a secure, cloud-based productivity platform designed specifically for law firms and their clients. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways HighQ can help you generate new revenue from your clients.

Streamline process management

Whether it’s litigation, portfolio, or transaction management, HighQ has an out-of-the-box solution to help you simplify and automate the process. One HighQ customer used the platform to win a portfolio management project from a client. A previous firm could only review one lease per hour, but this firm demonstrated that, using HighQ, they could process four leases per hour.

With a team of 20 attorneys, the firm used workflow automation to assign and manage tasks and monitor the status of the project in real time. Both the firm and client had secure access to the project site allowing everyone to share documents, communicate, and see the project status on demand.

Boost collaboration

Collaboration is linked to the greatest share of law firm spend among clients. GCs define a collaborative team as one that has a strong central point of contact who:

  • Pre-processes information for the client
  • Shares information throughout the firm so that the client doesn’t have to repeat themselves
  • Provide a more holistic approach to handling legal issues from the business perspective

HighQ is a central platform for document sharing, document collaboration, communication, workflow automation, and more. These tools come together in the form of HighQ’s client extranets – custom password-protected websites where your clients and teams can work together no matter where they are. Easily share information, stay up to date on matters, or assign tasks across teams using these client sites.

Recently, we’ve seen clients using HighQ to share executive orders pertaining to COVID-19, so that everyone has up-to-date information. We’ve even seen customers share it with every administrative department, to ensure the back-office flows smoothly for clients as well.

Improve client retention

It will come as no surprise that HighQ increases efficiency and responsiveness. What’s not so obvious is the impact this has on both the top and bottom lines. As simple as it is powerful, the hidden benefit of HighQ is how it frees your staff from hours of non-billable work to focus on high-priority activities that clients value.

For some firms this means increasing the volume of work to boost profitability on flat fee projects or large portfolios. For others, attorneys find new time to focus on strengthening client relationships. The human element – insight, experience, direct communication – can have a dramatic effect on client satisfaction and retention.

Take the next step

The best way to understand HighQ is to see it in action. We can list things like workflow automation all day, but they don’t mean anything until you see what they can do in practice. Let us show you how HighQ can take your clients’ demands and turn them into revenue.

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