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How this modern law firm harnesses a flexible legal tech stack

· 5 minute read

· 5 minute read

An intelligent, connected, and consolidated legal tech stack is essential for every law firm today – not just to differentiate themselves, but to make day-to-day working and client communication seamless and fast.

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  What is a legal tech stack?

  What kinds of issues can a legal tech stack solve?

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  Generating multiple contracts across jurisdictions

icon-speaking bubble   Managing client and internal correspondence

  Keeping processes tidy

  A journey of evolution and innovation


A legal tech stack refers to the collection of technology tools and software solutions that a law firm or legal department employs to optimize its legal operations.  This stack should be designed to be able to connect colleagues and clients, centralize documents and data, enhance and streamline processes, offer a modern user experience, and deliver custom client solutions that set the firm apart.  

HighQ is a platform that empowers your legal team to amplify collaboration, helping you to become more efficient, agile, and competitive. As a flexible, custom legal tech stack, HighQ: 

  • Integrates with Microsoft Office Suite, including Outlook and Google Workspace 
  • Works with other Thomson Reuters products, such as Practical Law 
  • Has the flexibility to integrate with other systems via open APIs 

This helps you to work more intelligently and collectively with colleagues, and deliver more responsive, transparent, and valuable services to clients.  

Which is what law firms should do. 


Solutions like HighQ have been purpose-built to meet the needs of today’s law firms – and especially those of clients, who expect up-to-date technology tools and service levels on a par with other sectors like retail and healthcare.

Understandably, clients also expect efficiency and transparency from their attorneys. Eric Sham, LegalTech Solutions Manager at international law firm Bird & Bird, says: “Clients are now really interested in how we can leverage technology to keep their costs down or make sure they’re getting the most efficient and streamlined legal service.”

Bird & Bird has 1,300 lawyers and a total staff of around 2,400 serving clients across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and North and Central America. Previously, Bird & Bird was using a content management solution that involved extensive complex coding and was for internal use only. But, this case study explores how the firm identified some pressing needs and solved them by using HighQ in their legal tech stack.


Case study thumbnail — Technology that can connect colleagues and clients

Case study

HighQ: Technology that can connect colleagues and clients


Full case study



Generating multiple contracts across jurisdictions

Without a streamlined legal tech stack, business teams would have to go to the legal department to request, review, and sign off on hundreds of documents – causing significant bottlenecks that would delay delivery. 

With HighQ, clients can fill out dynamic questionnaires that automatically generate contracts. Sham explains, “This is very powerful. This is a platform that generates that contract every time in the same format.” 

“The business is not held back by the legal teams, and the legal teams can focus on more complex legal issues.”

Managing client and internal correspondence

Email traffic can be very hard to keep on top of over long periods. Centralizing everything in HighQ helps clients by storing content in one user-friendly interface.  


Keeping processes tidy

Using third-party software like DocuSign can create a slightly messy process for both clients and law firms. HighQ can integrate with software like this, so all processes and tasks are kept in one place. Sham adds, “We want to make the user journey as simple and smooth as possible to reduce friction and provide a modern user experience.”  


A journey of evolution and innovation

Initially, Bird & Bird used HighQ to provide secure deal rooms to enable documents and information to be shared easily.  

Now, it delivers dedicated client portals as a one-stop shop for client needs and creates customized solutions for specific and often complex client requirements.  

All this saves lawyers’ time and empowers clients to have greater access to and visibility over their matters. It improves communication and eliminates the friction created in manual processes while delivering a modern, tailored, leading-edge user experience. 

When it comes to technology solutions, more is not always more. Deploying too many different systems and solutions can have the opposite effect of what is desired – tech overload.  

That’s why HighQ combines multiple common tasks in one place, for a streamlined experience from end to end – including legal project management, team collaboration, and enhanced communication.  

This complete legal tech stack lets you capture, store, and search all information and files related to your portfolio, gain instant, secure access to the critical files and details surrounding your cases, and complete mergers and acquisitions, real estate, and other legal transactions quickly and effectively. 

And, depending on your firm’s needs, you can utilize whatever functionality your work demands. “There are a lot of bells and whistles with HighQ, and you can use the different building blocks to deliver specific functions,” says Sham. 

Another concern firms have over legal tech is obsolescence. Again, HighQ has this covered. “It’s not like you just purchase it and it performs the same function for the next ten years,” says Sham.

“It’s always improving and growing. It’s good to see that, so our lawyers and clients reap the benefits of new features as they’re released, and we can continue to offer the highest standards.” 


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