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Introducing Market Insights new dashboards for strategic market intelligence

· 5 minute read

· 5 minute read

Get up to speed with the latest tools to transform the quality and success of your strategic decision making

Discover what’s new in Market Insights 

Explore the new dashboards that will strengthen client relationships and guide strategic direction to ensure a sustained long-term competitive advantage at your law firm. Strategic Insights is building on its already easy-to-access financial and market data-led applications to develop profitable growth for our clients. 

Market intelligence to enhance your customer journey

The new interactive dashboard “Brand drivers: verbatim” allows you to search and filter client comments to help understand clients better and how to serve them.  

Reliably monitor your firm against its peers and stay on top of clients’ needs to identify competitive advantages and new or expanding opportunities that might emerge from a rapidly changing environment. 

Market Insights dashboards allow you to filter client comments by firm, region, sector, themes and much more, to explore why legal buyers favor, not only your firm but competitor firms too. 

Explore Private Equity trends and buyers’ needs

Receive exclusive access to the data behind the inaugural study into the US Private Equity/Venture Capital sector through a Market Insights subscription. We have developed a range of interactive dashboards that help law firms understand how Private Equity legal buyers make their decisions, which firms are currently leading the market, and where the opportunities will be over the next year. 

Explore reliable data insights through a brand map, favorability drivers, favorability verbatim, fund consideration, M&A consideration, and boardroom credibility dashboards. In this fast-paced and competitive market stay ahead of market trends and changing client needs to identify opportunities for growth and solidify your market position. 


Maximize your talent’s potential with strategies that resonate the most

Powered by Thomson Reuters Institute, Stellar Performance research study, Talent Insights is now part of a Market Insights subscription, putting trusted data from the ‘voice of the lawyer’ into the firm’s hands.

Explore how these client-nominated stand-out lawyers are evolving and what their future expectations are of what a law firm workplace needs to be. Now that this data is combined with a Market Insights subscription you also get the ‘voice of the legal buyer’, offering firms the ability to evaluate its workplace and talent strategy to create market-aligned strategies for growth. 

Gain access today to ensure you can create a culture and workplace that attracts the talent your firm needs, align your strategy and initiatives to current talent expectations, include robust benchmarks in your compensation and other key billing metric reviews and take the steps needed to engage and retain high-performing talent.  

Increased benchmarking capabilities

It’s now easier to forecast future trends as Market Insight subscribers now have access to the last 5 years’ worth of Sharplegal data. This allows users to choose at which quarter they want to start measuring from and can therefore align our data to their own financial year, regardless of what time of year you are looking at the data. 

Better inform internal strategies, help plan for the future and monitor how perceptions of peer firms are changing, with the most up-to-date benchmarking data to remain competitive.  

Increased depth of research data in the United States

To keep up with a growing United States Legal market and ensure that our Market Insights data is proportionately representative, our interviewing team has also grown to ensure we are still capturing and interrogating a true depiction of empirical market data in the US that law firms use to develop successful strategic plans. 

Explore the US legal marketplace in more domestic depth with the ability to drill down deeper into regional and sector trends. This more detailed overview will provide you with the confidence and trust to forecast and use the most relevant market intelligence data for your law firm. 

Alternative legal service providers

Due to client demand, a Market Insights subscriber can now explore the alternative legal service providers’ brand landscape according to legal buyers. Use our interactive dashboards to discover which alternative legal service providers have the strongest brands and how they compare to their peers. 

As well as brand power, it is important to know what your provider is known for. In a market that is hard to differentiate, this consistent approach to measuring the attributes associated with each provider enables you to see if, and how, your provider is differentiated.

Strategic Insights is the secret to success and will ensure law firms can: 

  • Benchmark and compare key performance indicators
  • Stay on top of the latest legal market trends
  • Inform strategic decisions with independent evidence

Learn more about finding success with a free demo of Strategic Insights. 


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