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How the right legal technology can help you secure wins in court

· 5 minute read

· 5 minute read

There is no shortage of legal technology software, applications, and platforms to consider when looking to improve operations at your law firm. However, not all legal tech is created equal and finding the most efficient and effective option is an important part of crafting a winning formula.  

Having the right tech can help lawyers find the information they need, make critical assessments about that information, and accomplish other important tasks needed to deliver wins for their clients. To that end, the legal research tools you choose (or do not choose) can play a big role in the outcome of your case. Below, we will discuss just a couple of the most important functions of legal research tools and how these tools will give you a leg up in court.  

Technology equals speed

The faster your research gets done, the more time you will have to focus on other responsibilities – both inside and outside the office. Litigation attorneys have an abdundance of important tasks to accomplish before a trial. In addition to consulting with their clients, litigation attorneys often must conduct their own investigations into the facts of their case. The result of that investigation will impact what shape litigation takes, or if negotiating a settlement is advisable. Additionally, litigators will also need to draft documents like complaint notices and other formal letters, which can be very time-consuming. For these reasons, having the right legal research tools is critical.  

According to a recent survey, attorneys that use Westlaw Precision reported major improvements in workplace efficiency and workflow. Per the survey, attorneys using Westlaw Precision needed half as much time to achieve the same quality of work as others who were not using Westlaw Precision, and 98% of the survey’s respondents agreed that Westlaw Precision helped them track down important historical cases faster. Further, fully 70% of those asked said they were able to find relevant cases they might not have otherwise found using the tool.  

 Why is this so important? Because getting legal research done faster (and with greater accuracy) will give you more time and flexibility to handle other important preparation tasks like reviewing evidence, discovery, and developing strategies for the courtroom.  

The right tech can help strengthen your case and your confidence

Good tech does more than just help you organize your work and find key information faster, it also gives you peace of mind. Whether it is double-checking your own work, or helping identify potential errors in your opponents’ filings, the right legal research technology can work wonders on your psyche. Westlaw’s Quick Check feature, for example, provides new levels of certainty when preparing for an upcoming court case.  

With peace of mind comes another important element of great litigating – confidence. That confidence will come from preparation, hard work, and using best-in-class technology tools such as Practical Law. With Practical Law, you will be able to leverage the practical experience of more than 650 full-time attorney editors from around the world. Further, editor expertise in dedicated practice areas ensures you will have on-point guidance in easy-to-read formats.  

This tool is also especially useful when you need an extra boost of confidence in an area of practice where you may not have much experience. When faced with tough questions from clients, or when you are looking to expand the offerings your law firm provides, Practical Law is a must-use tool to gain that expertise.  

When it’s critical to win — and keep your client — quickly learn how to take the matter on with confidence using Practical Law. Utilize Practical Law’s latest playbook, “Litigating a breach of contract action” for guidance and templates for defending against a breach of contract dispute.

While there are plenty of low-cost, cursory places where you can seek out information on a particular topic of law, getting that information from a dedicated team of legal research experts will ensure you can serve your clients with the best, most up-to-date information available. That alone will help give you and your client the confidence that is needed when you step in the courtroom.  

It all comes down to you

Technology is an important part of the world we live in, and it is an extremely important part of the legal landscape. The biggest reason we have seen such a marked proliferation in the development of legal technology is you. Attorneys’ time, energy, and mental health are the principal driving force for the continued development and improvement of these tools.  

Saving time helps you help yourself, and it helps you serve your clients. Using the powerful research capabilities of Westlaw Precision and the expertise and know-how of Practical Law allows you to build your practice exactly the way you want to, gives you a competitive edge in court, and above all – helps you secure wins for your clients. 

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