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Can your legal tech keep up with the speed of matters?

Matters move quickly. Facts change, work moves from person to person, and communication can change the direction or scope of work in an instant. Keeping up with this pace was difficult when you could walk down the hall and ask a question or grab a meeting room to work together. With the world changing by the minute, the pace of matters has only increased. Add to that the increasing reliance on technology, and you’ve very nearly got a tortoise and the hare situation.

Oddly, it’s the technology that’s the tortoise rather than the matters. Status updates are days or hours old thanks to static spreadsheets and dashboards relying on old data. Gaps between disparate systems require manual transcription and duplicate work. Sometimes it’s as simple as waiting for a colleague to answer a simple question via email while they’re managing their children’s distance learning.

What if your technology could work at the pace of your clients’ matters? What if communication and collaboration were as easy as they were when everyone was in the office and you could sit down face-to-face with clients? What if you could monitor and manage workflows in real time? That would probably mean happier clients, lower costs, and simpler workflows, right? Let’s explore how HighQ can help you do just that.

Get your technology up to speed

Let’s say you’re performing due diligence for an acquisition for a long-time client. Once you’ve assigned documents to each lawyer, how do you surface their analysis and any issues they find to the right people at the right time? It might take an email and a document sharing service. Multiply that by the number of documents and it becomes a full-time job just to keep everything straight.

With HighQ, you can integrate document storage, sharing, data visualization, and collaboration. In this cloud-based platform, your entire team can perform almost every task associated with the due diligence in one place. Document review is secure and simple with tasks automatically created for each lawyer. Data visualization shows the deal lead which documents need their attention, and communication happens within the platform, keeping everyone in the know.

Best of all, you can set up dashboards for your client so they can see the real-time status of the project whenever they’d like. No more manual spreadsheets that are out of date before you send them. Less administrative work, more billable hours, and a happier client. That’s a win for everyone.

Explore the possibilities

This is just one potential application of HighQ. Firms today use the platform for document automation, client extranets, knowledge management, and much more. The beauty of HighQ is its scalability. Want to start with simple document storage? HighQ can do that. Need full-scale project management for hundreds of users across multiple locations? HighQ can do that too.

The common link among all these applications is the same – speed, efficiency, and simplicity. We know that your technology needs to conform to the way you work, not the other way around. All too often, attorneys find their technology tools are a bottleneck for actual legal work. And as clients demand more work completed ever faster, substandard tech simply won’t cut it.

Keep up with your clients

Law firms around the world are working to figure out how to get as much (or more) done as they did before everything moved online. The work certainly isn’t slowing, and client demands aren’t easing. Let us show you how HighQ can help you keep pace with the speed of your clients’ matters.

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