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Legal project management

Simplify and unify your LPM methodology

Streamline legal project management

HighQ enables law firms like yours to bring all the people, files, knowledge, data, tasks, timelines, and notifications that surround your projects together in one place.

Effectively mitigate risk

Work with client legal matters efficiently and protect against risk by providing real-time access to spend-versus-budget dashboards, project risk trackers, status updates, and automated alerts.

Discover better legal processes

Systematize legal projects and eliminate manual steps to help you deliver more cost-effective services with fewer resources and increased margins.

Enable efficiency

Combine tasks, notifications, reports and dashboards with workflow, document management, collaboration, and messaging so your team and your client can manage projects, work and communicate more efficiently.

Leverage historical data

Collect and analyze historical matter data in dashboards and reports, so in future you’ll know what resources are needed, how long each step will take and what a project will cost.

Tools to boost legal project management

Workflow and process automation

For virtually any process that you want to redesign, we offer a simple way to build conditional automation rules that trigger actions across the HighQ platform.

Document management

Integrate powerful tools such as version control, digital rights management, advanced permissions, custom metadata, and more.

Social collaboration

Improve your team’s productivity and unlock its potential by keeping the conversation open and ongoing.

Case study

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Moving legal processes forward with HighQ

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