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Artificial Intelligence

Explore what generative AI can do for your professional work

· 6 minute read

· 6 minute read

Watch our on-demand webinar for details and demos of the first and only professional-grade GenAI assistant, CoCounsel—and a sneak peek at its newest skill, CoCounsel Drafting.


Should you trust a GenAI Legal Assistant to work for you?


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Since the launch of ChatGPT less than 2 years ago, there’s been a fundamental shift in what we can expect machines to competently do for us.Generative AI is giving professionals the opportunity to not just get tasks done more quickly, but to do them more thoroughly and accurately, transforming what it means to work.  

Because this technology can read, analyze, and write at a postgraduate level, it understands the context and complexity in a request, and what’s required to fulfill that request, allowing it to produce results on par with what you’d expect from someone on your team. 

Consider that today 81% of professionals believe GenAI can be applied to their work. And that 79% of business and technology leaders expect GenAI to drive substantial transformation over the next 3 years—with 31% saying it will happen in less than a year. GenAI is here to stay. So, what does that mean for you? 


Revolutionary era, revolutionary solution 

These leaps forward in AI technology have made it possible to build not just GenAI-powered tools but a true GenAI assistant. An intelligent, proactive product that can itself make use of GenAI tools to complete substantive, sophisticated, multi-step work, just as you could expect a colleague to do. 

This is why we believe that within 3 years, every professional will have one. But do you know which GenAI assistant is right for your work? 

The answer is CoCounsel. Our professional-grade assistant brings the power of GenAI to complete the task at hand, from within the products you already use every day. CoCounsel works alongside you, ready to perform sophisticated research, analyze dense and voluminous information, and produce a variety of content—in minutes. With CoCounsel, for the first time, you can delegate complex work to AI and trust the results. 

Today, CoCounsel lives within our law firm and corporate legal solutions, including Westlaw Precision with CoCounsel and Practical Law Dynamic with CoCounsel. Checkpoint Edge with CoCounsel, our first generative AI product for tax professionals, is in beta, with CoCounsel Audit and CoCounsel Advisory on their way. Early work is beginning on CoCounsel Fraud Detection and CoCounsel Investigators for risk & fraud professionals. And we’ve begun integrating with customers’ most-used third-party programs, such as Microsoft 365 and database management solutions, with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and SharePoint integrations in beta. 


CoCounsel: The GenAI for professionals


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Your future GenAI colleague is already on the way  

Today’s CoCounsel is just the beginning. Our vision for this transformative product is guided by the principle of “less is more” when it comes to solving problems with technology. That’s why we’re developing a single, simple way to tap into all Thomson Reuters GenAI capabilities. So even as we build more CoCounsel skills and more third-party integrations that you can use in more places, the experience for you will become less and less complex. 

Over time, today’s separate products, which now include CoCounsel, will be simultaneously accessible through one CoCounsel chat interface. You’ll simply tell the GenAI assistant what you need to accomplish, and it will remember the overall context of the work and draw from its vast, common “pool” of capabilities across products to get the job done. The experience for you will be a single, ongoing “conversation” with an intelligent, proactive assistant—CoCounsel. The result? More time for you to do the strategic work machines can’t do, so you can better serve your clients, increase your competitive edge, and grow your business.  

The most important for a solution professionals can count on—and what we mean by “professional-grade”—is that it addresses concerns regarding the safe and responsible use of GenAI in your work. CoCounsel is rooted in our market-leading, verified databases of content, understands professional standards, and can deliver reliable results at superhuman speed. And most important, it’s encrypted end-to-end, so your data—and your customers’—remains private and secure.  

This is professional-grade generative AI.  


The skill you’ve been waiting for—CoCounsel Drafting   

This summer, CoCounsel Drafting will join CoCounsel’s broad set of skills, enabling you to create documents seamlessly and efficiently, by uniting Thomson Reuters content, your content and expertise, and the power of GenAI within Microsoft Word.  

At launch, CoCounsel Drafting will assist legal professionals, connecting Practical Law Dynamic with CoCounsel, soon followed by a full roadmap of capabilities supporting litigation needs, with connection to Westlaw Precision with CoCounsel. 


Revolutionize drafting with generative AI 

Draft faster than ever before with CoCounsel Drafting from Thomson Reuters – built on the content you know and trust.

Lock in promotional pricing today


CoCounsel Drafting will solve the problem of wondering where to start, by connecting to your content, finding relevant past work, and letting you validate and select the right document for the task at hand. The next difficult part of drafting is review and negotiation, and CoCounsel Drafting will be there to help you understand how a redlined document deviates from a standard, then map those changes against a playbook, flagging risks, identifying key missing language, and providing suggestions for alternatives. Finally, CoCounsel Drafting will check for common errors, missing definitions, numeration issues … all the last-step work that must happen before you get your document out the door. 

The professional landscape is evolving, fast, and those who win in the end will choose the right partner for their ongoing GenAI journey. Thomson Reuters CoCounsel is already leading the way, but even more importantly, we have a concrete, long-term vision we’re uniquely equipped to deliver on, to deliver ever-simpler experiences and ever-increasing benefits.

Get going on your GenAI journey. 

Watch our webinar about today’s CoCounsel and our vision for this transformative product. 

Watch on-demand webcast >




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