Special report

How generative AI will help lawyers improve legal service delivery

Between the successes of applying technology to legal work and the emergence of generative AI (GenAI), there is a new opportunity for lawyers to leverage machine learning tools. This report will explore the use of AI in law and, specifically, how generative AI can help lawyers with their daily work.

Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, is a form of AI that can produce original content based on user inputs and commands. It has attracted a lot of interest because of its versatility, accessibility, and value for various tasks. As legal professionals become more aware of generative AI and its potential applications, they can explore how it can help them with tasks such as drafting, reviewing, and analyzing contracts, documents, and data.

 The use of AI in law is here. Read this report to discover:

  • How GenAI differs from other forms of AI and why it is relevant for legal work
  • Some benefits and challenges of using generative AI to augment human expertise and creativity
  • The current and emerging use cases of GenAI in the legal sector

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