Risk, fraud, and investigations

Fraud prevention technology and solutions 

Verify identities, reduce risk, and prevent fraud with Thomson Reuters fraud prevention technology

Prevent fraud before it occurs and investigate concerns with confidence

Identify bad actors, detect suspicious patterns, and prioritize your fraud risk.

ID Risk Analytics

Detect, prevent, and mitigate fraud with this online fraud prevention tool for government. Gain a holistic view of identity-based risk within an agency’s program population.

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Fraud Detect

Spot and predict complex schemes through a fraud detection software. Unleash this powerful tool to gain actionable analytics and resources to prevent potentially fraud.

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Case Tracking

Take leads from investigation into resolution with an investigative case management software. Manage referral assessments, case development, and prosecution outcome tracking with this integrated tool.

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CLEAR ID Confirm

Verify and confirm identifies accurately with this customizable electronic identification software. Configure settings to meet your organization’s specific needs and implement public and proprietary data to mitigate risk with confidence.

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