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2022 in review: Labor & Employment Law Developments Tracker

· 5 minute read

· 5 minute read

Practical Law’s Labor and Employment service is offering a fresh new way to provide subscribers with the most up-to-date information quickly, efficiently, and at-a-glance. Since the Labor and Employment service began, the team has drafted detailed stand-alone legal updates to cover the latest developments in labor and employment laws from federal and state courts, agencies, and legislative bodies. In October 2022, in an effort to deliver users pertinent information in a more direct and timely fashion (and all in one convenient spot!), Labor and Employment launched the 2022 Labor & Employment Law Developments Tracker 

Labor and employment laws covered by the tracker 

This annual tracker covers key US labor and employment law developments, including federal and state court decisions, statutes, regulations, and administrative agency guidance decided, enacted, or issued in 2022 on topics relating to, among other things:  

  • Employment litigation. 
  • Discrimination. 
  • Harassment and retaliation. 
  • Restrictive covenants. 
  • Recruitment and hiring.  
  • Leave. 
  • Policies and procedures.  
  • Health and safety. 
  • Termination. 
  • Layoffs, and plant closings.  
  • Wage and hour law.  

Clear and organized presentation of updates 

The biggest change is the way the tracker presents content to users. Up-to-date labor and employment developments are available in succinct, bulleted entries in one central resource, broken down by area of law and jurisdiction. Each tracker entry contains a summary of the development and a direct link to the underlying case, statute, regulation, or guidance. Entries are listed in reverse chronological order within these sections so users can always access the most recent time-sensitive material first, but also dive deeper into other developments earlier in the year.  

Separate state and local section 

State and local developments are in a separate section of the tracker so users can independently view state and local developments of interest. As was customary in Labor and Employment’s state and local legal updates, the new tracker provides links that bring users directly to topical publications by Practical Law-partnered law firms. 

What’s new box for most recent developments 

The tracker is updated daily and can be navigated with a handy table of contents and a layout that allows users to see the full year’s developments in one convenient place. If users do not have time to peruse everything, but want to know the developments of the week, sitting atop the tracker is a convenient What’s New box. It contains the most recent developments added to the tracker. The What’s New box is consistently updated and allows users to find the latest labor and employment happenings in a single location. 

Traditional labor law developments tracker 

Labor and Employment also now covers key traditional labor law developments affecting the private and federal public sectors in the 2022 Traditional Labor Law Developments Tracker, which launched in September 2022. This tracker covers laws, regulations, administrative agency guidance, operations updates, and precedent, and federal court precedent relating to, among other things:  

  • Union elections.  
  • Unfair labor practices.  
  • Obligations to engage in collective bargaining. 

Other key development trackers 

These two new Labor and Employment trackers join a pair of already-successful trackers run by the Labor and Employment service: 

When the calendar turns from 2022 to 2023, fresh new annual versions of the general Labor and Employment, Immigration, and Traditional Labor Law trackers will be published. As the 2023 trackers launch, the 2022 trackers will remain available on Practical Law’s website for users to revisit at their convenience. Meanwhile, Labor and Employment will continue to grow the substantial COVID-19 tracker, which is a long-term “living” document encompassing the entire history of legal developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been consistently updated since the start of the pandemic.  

Practical Law Labor & Employment’s four trackers offer wide-ranging but efficient coverage on the entire collection of topics covered by the service, all at your fingertips. 

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