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Access to the most accurate and relevant information, leveraging the latest technologies, is paramount to ensuring the most effective approach to mitigating risk and minimizing fraud.

For those whose job it is to prevent fraud, detect and mitigate risk, or investigate wrongdoing or misconduct, Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions brings together unparalleled content and related expertise with the industry-leading breadth and depth of its data, and AI-powered analytics, to help keep institutions running smoothly, curtail fraudulent transactions, shield organizational reputation, and protect communities.

Prevent, detect, and investigate risk & fraud


Stay on top of large volumes of data and bad actors looking to exploit system weaknesses. We can assist you in preventing those risks by helping you answer and analyze fundamental questions like: Who is this person or entity? Should we do business with them?


Detect areas of highest risk by combining your data with our proprietary and public records. Our configurable solutions include risk scoring models and behavior-based analytics that integrate right into your workflow.


Locate bad actors or assets more quickly, reveal relationships sooner, and close more gaps in your investigations with the most accurate, up-to-date public records available on your subjects.

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How we’ve helped communities, organizations, and law enforcement

Thanks to CLEAR, I have managed to assist in the arrest of 9 outstanding warrants and counting in my short 7 years with the bureau. I really do appreciate this service. I look forward to the upgrades”
Federal government agency

When our policyholders are struck by someone who just decided to drive that day with no insurance, CLEAR helps make it possible to reimburse our company and also our policyholder for what was paid out in the claim.

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