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Corporate Security

Protect your organization against fraud, reputational risk, and crime

Corporate security is an essential department businesses employ to help prevent insider and outsider fraud, protect physical property and executives, and continuously evaluate employees for risk.

Security professionals often need to use disconnected tools that may provide inaccurate and outdated information – all of which could result in increased risk to your business and employees.

Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions can help you solve this by providing an integrated suite of fraud prevention and risk analysis tools, comprehensive investigative data, and employee risk systems to protect your business against fraud, theft, threats, and reputational risk.

Best practices for corporate security professionals

Four ways to combat retail fraud

Fraud is a persistent, expanding problem for retailers. They’re contending with criminals who grow in sophistication and inflict greater losses every year. Retailers can reduce their chances of being hit by retail fraud by evolving with the times:
  • Verify at the point of sale (POS)
  • Follow through on suspicions
  • Know your customers
  • Make record keeping a priority

Understanding data privacy: A compliance strategy can mitigate cyber threats

Corporations must develop solid data security policies and practices to help prevent serious incidents, including data security breaches involving customers and employees.

Read the article below to better understand policies and procedures that can help prevent serious incidents.

Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions

Solve some of your most pressing challenges throughout your entire workflow

Validate identities

Confirm the identity of person/entity presenting it to help prevent fraud during onboarding

Screen for risk

Screen individuals/entities for global sanctions to help identify PEPs, SOEs, and other potential risks

Assess risk

Verify if individuals/entities are within your risk tolerance levels to determine if you should enter into a business relationship

Monitor risk

Evaluate on-going activity of individuals/entities to be alerted of any new adverse matters

Investigate concerns

Investigate suspect hits and alerts to quickly understand and mitigate troubles that could harm your business

The impact of theft on U.S. businesses

How does your organization compare with competitors and colleagues?

  • 30%
    of all failed businesses directly correlate to employee theft or embezzlement[1]
  • 57.9 million
    dollars lost in cargo thefts reported in 2021[2]
  • 76%
    of retailers reported that an organized retail criminal has physically assaulted an associate[3]
  • 43%
    of the inventory loss in U.S. stores every year is caused by employee theft[4]

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4 The High Court Employee Theft Statistics 2021

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