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Tax & revenue

Tax and revenue departments are tasked with protecting taxpayer dollars and ensuring funds properly distributed. Outdated or missing information can lead to program vulnerabilities and millions of dollars in revenue loss.

Actionable data, reliable outcomes

Tax and revenue departments are facing an increase in both activity and complexity of fraud and tax regulations. The proliferation of inaccurate information and obstacles to conduct a thorough assessment demand solutions that provide actionable insights to investigate and uncover critical data points.

Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions help you gain an edge over evolving risk and bad actors as well as proactively optimize tax collection efforts by providing comprehensive data, detailed analytics, and actionable insights- all right at your fingertips.

Insights for tax and revenue departments

Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions helps you expose criminal activity, verify individuals, businesses, or assets, and better manage the tax burden across your county or state.

Tax and revenue departments need to ensure public funds are properly managed and protected from fraud, waste, and abuse. 

With the rise of increasingly sophisticated fraudsters and deployment of high-tech threats, tax fraud has grown to a multibillion-dollar problem. Agencies need to combat false claims and avoid costly fraudulent payouts.

It is imperative for your department to prevent and detect fraud with speed and efficiency to reduce losses and recover taxpayer dollars for your community. 

Find a better balance between accomplishing daily tasks and conducting thorough investigations. 

Locating and verifying identities of debtors, taxpayers, or property owners can be time consuming. Often it involves sifting through an overwhelming amount of data from multiple sources.

Departments need to overcome research inefficiency and be quickly informed of crucial details that lead to deeper investigations with outcomes of more connections, better tax distribution, and more revenue.

Connect dots faster and with more accuracy to help your department collect and distribute tax dollars.  

There are growing pressures for local tax departments to expedite the tax collection process and increase efforts to collect on delinquent taxes. The smallest program offices must often work the hardest — and with the fewest resources — to protect taxpayer dollars.

With limited manpower, preventative tools will make the biggest difference to locate critical information, such as updated taxpayer information or best address, to uncover fraud and to save you time.

Antiquated systems and manual processes cause department inefficiencies.

Over the years, local budgets have grown tighter and infrastructural challenges have mounted; limited resources pose difficulties in recruiting and retaining employees. Additionally, departments struggle to maintain pace with changing technology and many still rely on legacy systems or antiquated records management platforms.

To combat these issues, your department needs to remove the guesswork by implementing solutions that maximize internal resources and align workflow processes to streamline your department’s high-volume workload. 

We were able to reduce uncollected bills by 40% with the aid of CLEAR to find addresses for return mail.
Property Valuation Administrator
State and Local Government

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