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Online investigation software

CLEAR for tax and revenue agencies

Investigation software that helps you quickly locate critical information and uncover fraud

Utilize quality data to increase revenue and strengthen community growth

With Thomson Reuters CLEAR, you can overcome the challenges of outdated research tools and resources that result in missing out on millions of dollars in revenue. With timely, accurate, reliable information from CLEAR, you'll be able collect more tax dollars and build a better community.

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Boost the quality of your data

With more efficient research and more reliable data, you can collect more tax dollars and build a better community. CLEAR is powered by real-time gateways that provide source and time details, so you will access current information and simplify your workload.

Overcome research inefficiency

Be quickly informed of critical details that lead to more connections, better tax distribution, and more revenue. You'll find a stronger balance between accomplishing daily tasks and conducting thorough investigations.

Combat increasing tax fraud

As criminals become more technologically savvy, CLEAR gives you the tools you need to mitigate their capabilities so you can identify risk, connect people and property, and verify information en masse.

CLEAR features

Dashboard tools

Easily identify potential inaccuracies, fraud, or other risk factors and uncover crucial data.

Fixed-rate batch searching

Efficiently track thousands of subjects based on custom criteria within a single interface.

Asset insights

Combat fraud with access to real property reports, deed images, and parcel maps added into public records.

Source transparency

With source transparency and time stamps, you no longer have to question if your data is relevant or current.

Real time gateways

Know it when a person or business relocates, applies for credit, purchases property, or acquires property.

Identify verification

Use CLEAR ID Confirm to verify initial identity information and minimize potential fraud.

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