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Contact Trace

Identify contacts faster and further prevent transmission

Efficiently manage your contact trace process and increase staff productivity with Thomson Reuters Contact Trace

Thomson Reuters understands the magnitude of the government's challenge in responding to and mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Arm your contact tracers with a scalable, cloud-based application that leverages accurate contact details, derived from public records, and reporting capabilities. Thomson Reuters Contact Trace, is a case management solution designed to help organizations most efficiently manage their case investigations, contact tracing activites, and contact follow-up.

Network Analysis

Review advanced link analysis so that a data subject's network can be visualized and tracked

Geospatial Mapping

Visualize potential exposure hotspots for focused attention

State & Federal Reports

Reporting capabilities that facilitate the necessary State and Federal reports to ensure continued relief funding streams

Case Management

Balance your caseload and track progress across your large, remote team while seeing real-time case updates

We have a proven track record of success with government agencies and are confident that our unique capabilities can support the needs of agencies seeking a secure and trusted contact trace solution. Simple onboarding and web-based training will have your contact trace team up to speed quickly.

A proven solution to contact trace

Our contact trace dashboard was designed in partnership with a state public health infections disease department and has recently been enhanced to meet the recommendations from the CDC on contact tracing procedures. The tool leverages Thomson Reuters CLEAR data to improve the efficiency of finding individuals’ known associates and locating potentially exposed people for notification purposes.

Uncover associates

To support contact traceability, it's important to uncover associates of persons who might have been exposed to COVID-19. Contact Trace combines CLEAR data and cutting-edge technology to bring all contact information together in a single customized dashboard.

Example Contact Trace interface

Accuracy & efficiency

Increase contact trace efficiency with up-to-date contact records. View accurate, current information including addresses, phone numbers, and more of persons who might have been exposed to COVID-19.

Thomson Reuters Contact Trace

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