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Expedite your most complex legal research tasks

Westlaw Edge is powered by AI-enhanced capabilities that can help you research more effectively and be more strategic

Discover new levels of insight

Predictive research suggestions

Search with natural language terms and get type-ahead suggestions, surfacing the most relevant information at the top of your results list.

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Actionable data to improve your strategy

Enhance your strategy with data-driven insights on judges, courts, attorneys, law firms, and case types in most practice areas. Quickly answer questions around likely outcomes, schedules, and costs.

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Identify gaps in your legal documents

Generate an AI-enhanced report indicating authority that may have been missed in traditional research, plus find authority contrary to your opponent's position.

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Explore plans for law firms, companies, and government agencies

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Leverage an intelligent legal research service.

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General counsel

Complete your research more efficiently with AI-powered legal research tools.

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Access fast and accurate tools with this advanced legal research service.

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The value of Westlaw Edge

“Get Westlaw Edge and don't hesitate. It is absolutely worth it. It'll make you a better attorney. It'll make your firm better. And you'll serve your clients better than you have before.”

Steven Smelser
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Westlaw is the most trusted and award-winning legal research service.