Westlaw Classic

Comprehensive legal research at your fingertips 

With up-to-date content and essential tools, Westlaw Classic enables effective, accurate legal research

Essential features included in all plans

Rigorous editorial process

Rely on the most up-to-date and organized collections of caselaw, statutes, and regulations regularly vetted by a team of expert attorney-editors.

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Case-finding and issue-spotting tool

Pinpoint legal issues and quickly find relevant cases. Rely on arguments that reflect the true nature of the law.

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Complete and accurate citator

Work confidently with the ability to quickly verify whether a case, statute, or other legal authority is still good law.

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Explore Westlaw Classic plans for your specific firm or company

Small law firms

Get the plan you need for fast, effective legal research.

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Midsize law firms

Get the right tools to fit your firm’s unique needs to research confidently and quickly.

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General counsel

Stay current on matters important to the business with essential features for fast and effective legal research.

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The sources you need in a single legal research service

Foundational resources

Access material such as cases, statutes, regulations, legislative materials, and more to gain a better understanding of your legal issue.

Premier analytical titles

Get up to speed in new areas of the law or revisit familiar ones with encyclopedias, journals, law reviews, and more.