Westlaw Edge features

Making once nearly impossible research tasks possible

Get access to AI-powered tools like intelligent document analysis, a powerful legal search engine, and integrated litigation analytics that can help you expedite legal research tasks that were once incredibly complex and time consuming.

How is Westlaw Edge different?

Built on Westlaw’s 100+ year editorial legacy and enhanced with AI technology to help you research in ways never before possible

Quick Check

This intelligent document analysis tool enables you to simply upload a brief – yours or your opponent’s – and in just minutes identifies any bad law and surfaces any additional highly relevant authority, as well as authority contrary to what your opponent cited.  

Use Quick Check to improve the quality and thoroughness of your work, without sacrificing time.

Litigation Analytics

Powered by the largest collection of federal and state dockets, Litigation Analytics compiles information on judges, courts, damages, attorneys, law firms, and case types to help you build the strongest case strategy across the most practice areas.

Use these insights to better set and manage client expectations related to likely timelines, outcomes, and cost of litigation. Also, know your opponent in terms of their experience, success record on motions, and how the legal organization fares for a motion in front of your judge. 

KeyCite Overruling Risk

As an evolution of KeyCite, Overruling Risk warns you when a point of law has been implicitly undermined based on its reliance on an overruled or otherwise invalid prior decision.

This citation safeguard reduces the possibility of being at risk for something you didn’t know existed. It uses artificial intelligence to uncover when a case may be stating the law in a way that has been invalidated, going beyond direct citing relationships.

WestSearch Plus

The most advanced legal search engine, powered by artificial intelligence and built on our proprietary editorial enhancements.

Simply enter your search terms, and WestSearch Plus will anticipate your search objectives to instantly provide answers to thousands of types of legal questions to get you to the heart of your matter faster.

This way you don't have to craft complex queries or spend time digging through search results to get to exactly what you are looking for. 

Statutes Compare & Regulations Compare

Streamline your legal research with the click of a button and instantly compare any two versions of a statute or regulation to see exactly what has changed over time.

Statutes Compare and Regulations Compare eliminates the need to manually compare legislative changes, and helps you better understand the intent of the changes to the law and whether the language has become more or less restrictive.

Coverage includes all statutory content and federal regulations with versions, plus state regulations in select states.

Jurisdictional Surveys

Speed up the creation of your survey by retrieving a customized and relevant compilation of laws across all U.S. jurisdictions on any topic.

Simply start with the citation of a statute you know, index terms that describe your topical target, or from a pre-defined topic page, and get a curated list of statutory sections that accounts for varying terminology across all jurisdictions.

Within minutes, you can assess laws across jurisdictions, understand jurisdictional variances as they relate to compliance activities, refine a legal argument, or identify new or emerging policy trends. 

Content & editorial enhancements

Boost your research with the largest, most up-to-date collection of legal information

Primary law

Westlaw Edge offers the same comprehensive collection included in Westlaw Classic: State and Federal caselaw, statutes, regulations, court rules, and administrative materials.

Secondary sources

Access an unparalleled collection with resources such as Wright & Miller Federal Practice and Procedure, C.J.S. (Corpus Juris Secundum), COA (Causes of Action), law reviews, journals, and more.

Litigation materials

Access the most comprehensive online collection of litigation materials, including briefs, pleadings, motions, memoranda, dockets, and other resources to use throughout all stages of the litigation.

Notes of Decision

Connects brief summaries of important cases to the statute or regulation they interpret, so you can quickly understand the most current interpretation of the law. Summaries are also organized by topic or procedure to allow you to focus on particular applications of the statute or regulation.


The industry’s most complete, accurate, up-to-the-minute citation service that instantly verifies whether a case, statute, regulation, or administrative decision is still good law. 

Key Number System

The master classification system of U.S. caselaw for over 100 years, helps you to easily find and move between relevant cases addressing a specific point of law in any jurisdiction. 


Rely on summaries of specific points of law addressed in a particular case, written by our attorney-editors to quickly review which points of law were addressed by the court and how it ruled. Applicable headnotes are always listed at the top of a case to easily identify ones that match your facts and the desired outcome.

Human expertise & other features

Human expertise providing you with time-saving guidance


Our team of bar-admitted attorney-editors analyze, categorize, and summarize the law, creating editorial enhancements to help you research more efficiently – and with greater accuracy.

Reference Attorneys 

The industry’s premier team of legal research support professionals are available 24/7 to keep your research moving forward. Every Reference Attorney is a bar-admitted legal research expert with a deep understanding of our solutions. 

Access to new features

Quickly leverage new features included in your plan as they become available. Our product development teams are constantly optimizing and expanding our tools and services.

Westlaw mobile app

Access Westlaw anytime, anywhere

Included in your subscription

Westlaw Edge is available through the Westlaw mobile app based on your subscription content. It can also be accessed using your organization’s single sign-on.

Access to many of the features

Get access to many great features such as KeyCite Overruling Risk and WestSearch Plus. You can also restore your most recent filter selections to new search results with a single tap of a button. 

Run searches

With WestSearch, filter the results, and browse content pages. Access KeyCite information, research history, and favorites.

Organize your research

Organize and share with folders, annotate documents and share notes with your contacts. You’ll also have the ability to print, email, and download documents.

Westlaw Alerts

Manage and receive your Westlaw Alerts within the app.

Voted best legal research app

The Westlaw app is the most awarded legal research app as voted by industry professionals.

Technical specs

Using QuickCheck

Quick Check can process Word, PDF (text or image), and RTF files. The maximum file size for Word & RTF docs is 20 MB and 30 MB for PDF. All PDFs must be less than 120 pages; image-based PDFs must have a DPI of 200+. 

Using Westlaw

Supported operating systems

Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

Mac® OS 10.5 or later

Internet browser

Internet Explorer® 11 or later (Windows only) 

Mozilla Firefox current version or Extended Support Release version

Safari® 10.0 or later

Chrome current version 

Microsoft Edge current version

Mobile apps

iPhone (iOS 10.0 or later, iPhone 5 or later)

iPad (iOS 10.0 or later, iPad 4th generation or later)

Android (4.0 or later, Android 4.0 or higher)

Other requirements

1024x768 or higher screen resolution recommended

Adobe Acrobat Reader® 9.0 or later (some print functionality is lost with older versions)

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