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Thomson Reuters Evidence Sharing

powered by CaseLines, now part of Thomson Reuters

Digitally submit and share evidence with efficiency, security, transparency

Courts are quickly adopting new technology to keep courts running so that access to justice is not denied.  Remote hearings and even virtual bench trials are becoming the new norm and judges are able to avoid massive backlogs of cases when physical court settings resume.  Supporting this trend is Thomson Reuters Evidence Sharing (ESP) powered by CaseLines -- a proven, secure, web-based solution specifically built for case parties to digitally submit and share evidence. 

With ESP, case parties and court staff benefit from:

  • Reduced costs associated with in-person hearings
  • Compliance to a court’s COVID-19 restrictions by reducing foot traffic in physical courthouses
  • Time saved in pre-hearing, in-hearing and post-hearing tasks
Thomson Reuters Evidence Sharing powered by CaseLines screenshot

The digital way to submit and share evidence and exhibits

Organize evidence

Streamline the way parties find and review evidence with customizable folder structures

Present evidence

Direct others to the specific evidence being discussed with purpose-built presentation tools

Annotate evidence

Manage notes and other annotations across the bundle of evidence

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