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Combine the power of
Westlaw Edge with Practical Law    

Are you leaving stones unturned?

A.I. powered search and analytics in Westlaw Edge

  • With Westlaw Edge and Practical Law at your fingertips, you know you have access to the materials that make the difference between a winning and losing strategy.
  • But did you know that you have not yet tapped into the full potential of what Practical Law has to offer?

Practical Law with Westlaw Edge: A winning combination

Fully integrated and connected with Westlaw Edge, an expanded Practical Law subscription is the catalyst your firm needs to foster efficiency, share knowledge, and promote growth. And by updating your Practical Law subscription, your firm will be even better equipped to do your best work and deliver superior client value, even in matters new to you. Practical Law Preferred 2019 includes matter maps, public sector practice areas, and legal operations & professional development. Learn more about these below.

Matter maps

Helping you and your associates handle less familiar matters more confidently and access on-point resources for each stage of the matter.

Matter flow charts reduce any confusion and clearly lay out the next steps for any matter.

Public sector practice areas

Helping you meet the specialized needs of government clients with two new practice areas to address the specific needs of federal and state governmental entities.

Find resources for any state or federal issue.

Legal Operations & Professional Development

Helping you manage the business side of your practice and solidify your role as a trusted advisor, strengthening your client relationships.

Pre made presentation materials allow you to easily share legal updates with stakeholders.

Utilize Attorney Editors

  • Grow your knowledge base with help from Practical Law’s team of highly experienced attorney editors.
  • They have been in your shoes and understand the pressure you’re under, so they’ve created the resources they wished they had when they were practicing. 

Westlaw Edge and Practical Law: A winning combination

Westlaw Edge

With an upgrade to Westlaw Edge, you will have access to next-generation tools to help you find what you need even faster, including:

Litigation Analytics

Litigation Analytics brings insights into the people, precedents, and circumstances you need to know in order to craft the strongest litigation strategy.

KeyCite Overruling Risk

Only KeyCite Overruling Risk cautions you when a point of law has been implicitly overruled, so you know you’re citing good law.

WestSearch Plus

Faster and more accurate than ever, WestSearch Plus goes beyond results lists to suggest relevant research and resources tailored to your needs.

Statutes Compare and Regulations Compare

Statutes Compare and Regulations Compare instantly show you how any statutes or federal regulations have changed over time. That means less time looking for changes in the law, and more time focusing on your client.

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