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Answer legal questions faster than ever with WestSearch Plus

Patrick Yatchak
Reference Attorney

The best attorneys are experts at asking the right questions to lead them to the best legal strategies. When performing legal research, success requires lawyers to separate the relevant from the irrelevant and to glean the legal issues at the core of even the most fact-intensive scenario.

As legal researchers are being asked to cover a broader range of topics, they require more sophisticated tools to get to the information they need quickly. That’s the value of WestSearch Plus on Westlaw Edge, the next generation of legal search. With improved predictive typeahead and search suggestions, WestSearch Plus helps you:

  • Focus your research with predictive type-ahead: Get superior predictive research suggestions that appear in real time as you type in the global search bar.
  • Find information faster: Quickly find what you need amid thousands of available topics – without needing to spend time drilling down into a result list.
  • See ideas you may not have considered: AI-enhanced search technology works ceaselessly to provide quick links to relevant documents, content pages, and search queries – and potentially to issues that you haven’t yet considered.

Quickly get to the most relevant content

WestSearch Plus gets you to the most relevant text for your core legal questions faster than before. It also delivers the most important underlying authority – saving you time so you can focus on other tasks like client service.

Let’s say you have the following question about arbitration: “When does an arbitrator exceed their powers?”

Notice that with predictive type-ahead, WestSearch Plus recommends suggested queries that get more narrow as you type.

By clicking on the most relevant question, you receive a brief answer for that query, with numerous ways to drill down further for additional details.

WestSearch Plus is the only legal research solution that can address broad legal questions by excising applicable text from the most relevant documents.

You can also use WestSearch Plus to identify potential legal issues that you hadn’t thought to research. For instance, maybe you’re handling a pension matter and need to look into a specific tax and labor law known as ERISA.

Normally, you would type the law into the search box and expect to see authoritative secondary sources you can quickly browse. But with the new type-ahead functionality on Westlaw Edge, you immediately receive a list of case law queries on focused ERISA legal issues that may point you in a direction you didn’t know you needed to go.

You can then refine further with dynamic filtering options.

WestSearch Plus allows you to jump to secondary sources from the same screen, and also to view statutes, regulations, and other content like administrative decisions, trial court documents, and dockets.

WestSearch Plus on Westlaw Edge is ready for almost any legal question, and delivers quick and authoritative results on core legal topics. At the same time, it anticipates your research objectives with enhanced type-ahead functionality and invaluable search suggestions.

This next generation of AI-enhanced search gives you a new strategic edge over litigation opponents, and finds the best information quickly to keep clients updated on the strengths and status of their cases.

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