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Legal Workflow Management

Panoramic now integrated with Enterprise platform

Connect the practice and business of law

For years, Enterprise has been providing market-leading financial and practice management capabilities to legal and professional services firms to help them profitably manage their business. Now, Panoramic gives these firms a bold new way to work. With Matter Maps as the foundation of its system, Panoramic provides dynamic workflow, embedded guidance, and actionable insights so firms can plan, manage, and execute their matters with confidence.

Plan profitability

Screenshot of embedded guidance in Panoramic

Make informed scoping and pricing decisions and ensure you and your clients’ expectations remain aligned throughout the matter.

  • Use Thomson Reuters Matter Maps to provide the client with an overview of the phases of work and core tasks your team needs to carry out when undertaking a matter
  • Customize Matter Maps to reflect your firm’s best practices, proprietary information, and the legal strategy needs of specific clients
  • Scope the work, price, and budget new matters using data pulled in from 3E® and Enterprise®
  • Make data-driven decisions leveraging prior matter and task analytics and financials to inform future similar matters
  • Provide lawyers with better training through Matter Maps that show best practices and what is expected for any given matter 

Manage confidently

Screenshot of Panoramic workflow example

Task assignment and management dashboards help you delegate and prioritize work, stay on top of matters, and drive consistent client outcomes with greater profitability.

  • Track the status across all of your open matters at a glance with the Matter Directory 
  • Give users a clear out line of what needs to get done, from the onset, using Matter Maps that adapt automatically to the evolving facts of the matter 
  • Assign work, set deadlines, and create alerts to indicate when work is assigned and completed 
  • Prioritize and manage tasks across matters with a personalized tasks dashboard 

Execute successfully

Knowledge resources, such as links to model documents and practice guides from Practical Law, are embedded in customizable and dynamic Matter Maps to help ensure your team knows how to execute a matter using best-in-class guidance delivered at the point of need. Activity tracking and tools enable more accurate and consistent time entry.

  • Utilize expert guidance at every stage, drafted and maintained by Practical Law legal editors 
  • Link directly from the Practical Law editors’ embedded guidance to the currently available know-how in Practical Law 
  • As matter facts change, tasks in the Matter Map automatically update, keeping team members informed of the changes 
  • See what lawyers in your firm did the last time they executed a particular task 
  • Task-based time entry and timers auto populate fields and push to 3E a spending time 
  • Pre-drafted task narratives ensure a clear description of work and reduce time required to write them from scratch 
  • Reconstruct your day activity time line for quicker and more accurate time entry 
  • Users of third-party time entry tools benefit from the task narratives, ability to reconstruct your day timeline, and out-of-the-box task billing codes 

Drive profitability

Increase ROI by leveraging prior matter data to scope, plan, and budget matters quickly, confidently, and accurately

Prioritize resources

Execute on tasks more confidently with best-in-class guidance and links to relevant Practical Law resources delivered at the point of need

Achieve success

Deliver excellent client service and ensure client objectives are achieved on time and within budget using a unified work plan and budget that adapts to changing circumstances

Experience Panoramic

See how Thomson Reuters Panoramic enables you to plan, manage, and execute legal matters with confidence