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CLEAR Investigations Advanced

Most popular plan

Strengthen efficiency and improve investigations with a solution that delivers hard-to-find data with accurate results.

Business records - Access business records including company name, address, telephone number, number of employees, and more.

Phones - Get access to comprehensive phone records including cell phone, landline, and pager coverage.

Licenses – See records related to professional and healthcare licenses reported from various state agencies.

Assets – Discover assets your subject may own including vehicles, aircraft, homes, businesses, and more.

Address map – See all known addresses associated with your subject in an interactive map.

Court records – Obtain information on a subject including bankruptcies, state corrections department data, criminal prosecution records, and more.

Intellectual property – Get access to patent records from more than 90 jurisdictions around the world provided by the International Patent Documentation.

Quick analysis flags – See key information that indicates level of risk associated with your subject and determine if additional investigation is needed.

My workspace –Save your findings to Workspace to access link-entity, geospatial, and tabular visualization capabilities for faster analysis.

Alerts – Create an alert to be notified when new information on your subject arises.

Credit header gateways – Get access to non-financial information such as name, date of birth, social security number, and more.

People records – Provides addresses, death records, firearms and explosives licenses, and more.

Web analytics – Get access to both surface and deep Web data including social networks, blogs, chat rooms, news references, and much more.

How CLEAR pricing works

Choose the purchasing option that best meets the needs of your work method.

Predictive pricing

Ease financial planning and budgets by knowing what your bill will be every month. A monthly fixed commitment lets you confidently access our industry-leading content for your investigations. Pricing is based on the number of users you need, not the transactional amounts of data you use. That eliminates the need to constantly monitor usage to avoid additional charges.

Usage-based pricing

Control your finances with a minimum monthly commitment. This plan was created to flex with your organization. A great option for those with sporadic usage, guarantee access and accommodate unanticipated increases in usage.

Customer success

CLEAR's ease of use and information that can be obtained are worth it.
Chris Brunner
AML Specialist, The Jones Financial Companies
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