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Legal research

Westlaw plans for government lawyers
The world's most preferred online legal research platform

Work smarter, faster, and with total confidence

In a legal climate where government attorneys are asked to do more with less, working smarter, faster, and with total confidence you have the information you need is no longer a goal – it’s a necessity.

Westlaw – now with vastly simplified plan offerings – provides the industry’s preferred, best-in-class legal research tools, and the best is getting better!

Introducing Westlaw Edge, an integration of Thomson Reuters exclusive attorney-edited content with leading AI technologies, giving you faster answers and increased confidence, streamlining your approach to legal research.

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Add-on collections

Select from a library of offerings to ensure that your agency has access to all of the content needed to navigate your legal issues.

Analytical Plus

Connects you to thousands of high-value titles in all major practice areas. Access practice-focused analysis, guidance, treaties, forms, reporters, and more.

  • American Law Reports (ALR)
  • American Jurisprudence (Am Jur)
  • Corpis Juris Secundum (C.J.S.)
  • Federal Treatises
  • Causes of Action
  • Forms
  • State analytical materials
  • Law reviews and journals
  • News
  • KeyRules
  • Topical analytical titles


From preliminary case evaluation all the way through appeals, this package provides litigators with the most comprehensive set of litigation tools and resources available online.

  • Briefs
  • Pleadings, Motions and Memoranda
  • Trial Court Orders
  • Expert Materials
  • Jury Verdicts
  • Case Evaluator
  • Arbitration
  • Dockets (without tracks)
  • Profiler

Public records

Find more than just a person or business with this collection. You'll also find assets, relationships, and other information to help connect the dots and paint the full picture.

  • PeopleMap
  • Company Investigator

Legal know-how

Practical Law from Thomson Reuters provides legal know-how that gives government attorneys a better starting point.

  • Practice Notes
  • Standard documents/clauses
  • Checklists
  • Toolkits
  • State and international Q&A
  • Updates

Document drafting

Everything you need to draft, proofread documents, and mitigate the risk of errors.

  • Pre-formatted legal document templates
  • Document review
  • Monitor and update law status
  • Search Westlaw directly from your documents

Award-winning legal research

Year after year, Westlaw is voted Best Online Legal Research Service by industry professionals. In fact, Westlaw has been named the most preferred online legal research service for 13 years running, as recognized by the ABA.

Westlaw makes for better briefs ... better contracts ... better ordinances and resolutions.

At 3:00 in the morning ... I don't want to wade through 100 cases to find the one case that Westlaw would've pulled up first or second.
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