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Legal research

Regulations Access a comprehensive collection of state and federal regulations on Westlaw and Westlaw Edge

Base your advice on the correct version of the law

Westlaw and Westlaw Edge provide full coverage of regulations covering all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and other territories, as well as the most comprehensive Annotated Code of Federal Regulations. Our attorney-editors track changes in the law every day so you can trust that the law you get is accurate and up to date.

With Regulations on Westlaw and Westlaw Edge, you can: 

  • Rely on KeyCite to verify whether a regulation is still good law
  • Monitor new information affecting the status of your regulation and stay on top of late-breaking changes with KeyCite Alerts
  • Search annotated regulations to retrieve relevant documents that a text-only search might miss
  • Use notes of decisions to get brief summaries of the important cases that interpret a regulation, giving you the complete picture of how the regulation is construed and applied by the courts

Regulations Compare on Westlaw Edge 

Exclusively on Westlaw Edge, Regulations Compare allows you to quickly see the most recent changes to a federal regulation from the document and easily compare any two versions. Save time by eliminating the need to go through Federal Register sections to understand how the law has changed.

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