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Legal research

Westlaw Statutes
Feel confident in your legal answers with the ability to quickly find and interpret statutes with Thomson Reuters Westlaw and Westlaw Edge

Base your advice on the correct version of the law

Thomson Reuters Westlaw attorney-editors ensure statutes are complete and accurately reflect all legislative and nonlegislative changes in a session. Our rigorous editorial process ensures that each statute is verified for accuracy, so you can be confident in your research results. Plus, with Statutes Compare on Westlaw Edge you can quickly understand how a statute has changed over time.

With Statutes on Thomson Reuters Westlaw, you can:

  • Rely on fully integrated KeyCite to instantly know when a statute will be affected by proposed or enacted legislation, and link to that legislation to review the changes
  • Receive recommendations for other statutes that you might have missed or haven’t yet found during your research session
  • Leverage notes of decisions to quickly find the correct and most current interpretation of a statute
  • View a statute’s text in context of the entire article or chapter using Superbrowse

Statutes Compare on Westlaw Edge

Exclusively on Westlaw Edge, Statutes Compare allows you to quickly see the most recent changes to a statute from the document and easily compare any two versions of a statute. Save time by eliminating the need to go through session laws to understand how the law has changed and from what authority those changes came.

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