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Westlaw State Trial Court Orders

Develop a winning motion strategy and save time with Thomson Reuters Westlaw

Strengthen your litigation strategies

Motion practice can be the most time-intensive aspect of a litigation practice. The State Trial Court Orders collection on Westlaw saves you hours of time, travel, and trouble at the very point you need it most – when preparing and drafting key documents. By viewing both the motions and the final decision in a case, you can gain critical insights into which motions and strategies have prevailed to persuade the judge you are about to face.

Only with State Trial Court Orders on Westlaw can you: 

  • Access full text trial court orders from state trial courts in all 50 states, or by various legal topics
  • Easily link to relevant content such as motions and briefs, case law, full KeyCite treatment and judge and attorney profiles
  • Develop winning strategies by assessing similar cases and to uncover reasoning behind prevailing factors
  • Better manage your client’s expectations by providing a realistic evaluation of a case’s merits

See how State Trial Court Orders works


Trial Court Orders (1:52)

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