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Even the smallest cases deserve a high-tech approach

· 5 minute read

· 5 minute read

How do you make sure that the clients who have the smallest cases are happy with your service? Simple. Don’t make them feel like your smallest cases.

Easy for you to say, you think. But it’s true. When you have the best legal research technology, all of your clients get the same level of innovative, state-of-the-art lawyering. And you don’t have to take any extra steps to provide them with that – it’s just part of your package. Best in class for all.

It’s when those “small cases” refer their friends’ “small cases” to you that you realize how much your high-tech approach means to your clients. Here are a few ways your tech impresses and keeps the referrals coming in.

You manage client expectations based on data

Communication. Transparency. Guidance. These are just a few traits clients look for in a relationship with their attorney. They want to know how the legal process works and what’s to come. They want to feel informed and in control rather than just along for the ride.

With Westlaw Edge, you have real-life data to pull when they ask you how long it usually takes for a judge to issue a ruling. You can help clients understand how likely a judge is to rule in their favor based on past rulings. Sure, anecdotal information is worth something, but having proof points and real-life data is invaluable. Using this information to provide timelines and help them understand what they are embarking on is one of the benefits of using Litigation Analytics on Westlaw Edge.

Clients with smaller cases may never have been involved in a legal situation before, and this is a big deal to them – even if it’s run of the mill for you. They want to be in the know, and when you can provide them with that – give them back some power during a time they may otherwise feel powerless – it will go a long way in keeping them happy.

You seamlessly adapt

Suddenly, the world changed. Law offices closed and lawyers had to figure out how to run their business from home. But innovation allowed you to be flexible. Because you had the right legal tech tools already in place, you were able to continue operating at the same speed and quality as you did before.

That meant you didn’t miss a beat. And your clients – big and small – had one less thing to worry about during a time when having one less thing to worry about really meant something.

It’s this agility and ability to adapt that proves to your clients that you will always be there for them. You were able to help them then, and you’ll be there to help them in the future – no matter what is happening in the world.

You have more time to do what they (really) pay you for

As we previously mentioned, clients with smaller cases may not have dealt with the legal system much before. When they come to you, they are coming to you for guidance, expertise, and counsel they can trust. They need you to walk them through the process. Go over their options. Give sound advice.

Sure, research is a critical part of the job, and it helps make you the attorney you are. But it’s an invisible (to the client) component. And right now, those clients are looking to you for more overt help … and a little hand holding. It’s your expertise they are wowed by. It’s your guidance they appreciate.

Your clients may not realize that much of the additional insight and data-driven legal advice you are able to offer comes from Westlaw Edge. They don’t know that the time-savings these tools provide means you have more time to dedicate to them. They don’t know all of that. But you do.

Because you have Quick Check, you know you have highly relevant authority that you may have otherwise missed. You also know that your opponent cited a recently-overturned case. With Westlaw Edge, you’re able to do all of the behind-the-scenes work quickly so you have more time to create a case-winning strategy.

Give your clients what they need

And that’s what your clients notice – your ability to guide them along and help them achieve the best possible outcome. Westlaw Edge lets you do that for all your clients and cases – no matter how small. See for yourself.

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