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Quick Check on Westlaw Edge

Available July 24. Be among the first to see it.

Discover a new level of confidence

Powered by state-of-the-art AI, Westlaw Edge Quick Check securely analyzes your brief to suggest highly relevant authority and ensure you haven’t missed anything. 

  • Quality check a final draft
  • Reveal weaknesses in an opponent’s document
  • Refresh a past winning argument

Advantages of intelligent document analysis

Complete your research with confidence

In just minutes, Quick Check analyzes your brief to identify your legal issues and show you relevant authority that traditional research may have missed.

Leverage intuitive integration

Full integration with Westlaw Edge allows you to filter out what you’ve already viewed or saved to a folder. Plus, KeyCite provides the information you need to verify the cases you cite are still good law.

Get insight at any stage of the process

Verify the quality of a completed brief, improve an early draft, update a filing from a prior matter, evaluate a colleague's work product, or jumpstart the reply to a motion.

Reveal weaknesses in your opponent’s work

Analyze whether an opponent has cited an overruled case, and quickly see if the point of law impacts your matter. Also find cases that were relevant to your opponent’s issues that they chose not to cite.

Be the first to see Quick Check on Westlaw Edge

Get a first-hand look at this powerful new feature