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WestSearch Plus The legal research engine of tomorrow, today

Get to the information you need with WestSearch Plus 

The law is always evolving, growing, and becoming more complex. When searching for answers to legal questions, the quantity and complexity of the law can be a barrier, confronting you with too much information for one person to sift through.

An answer-based approach to legal research

WestSearch Plus utilizes the power of artificial intelligence, combined with the exclusive editorial enhancements that Westlaw has compiled for more than 100 years. It delivers responsive text to thousands of legal questions, helping you get to your answer quickly. Additionally, its sophisticated type-ahead provides relevant suggestions for your research as you begin typing.

How WestSearch Plus works

Westlaw Edge - WestSearch Plus search step one

Predictive type-ahead recommends search queries that get more specific as you type.

Intelligent state-of-the-art AI technology draws on exclusive editorial expertise to deliver relevant results. 

Westlaw Edge WestSearch Plus right graphic

Responsive text from the most relevant documents for your issue surfaces to the top of the result list. 

Search with confidence

Uncover additional questions and materials you may have otherwise missed. As you begin to type, relevant suggestions for your search will appear.    

WestSearch Plus has an intuitive user interface
WestSearch Plus helps you ask the right question first

Find answers faster

Find the most relevant content before diving into any results list. Now at the top of your result list you will see text that is responsive to your issue.

Be more responsive for your clients

When the information you need is served up, you can save time digging for the right answer. Provide insights, answers, and advice to your clients faster.    

Predictive search terms and phrases help ask the right questions
Focus on the terms that are most important with Select highlighting on WestSearch Plus

Focus on the big picture

Confidently complete your legal research with the next generation of legal search. Have more time to focus on value-added and billable work items.    

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