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WestSearch Plus

The next generation of legal search

Find answers faster than ever

WestSearch Plus utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to surface the information you need right to the top of your results. Save time digging through results lists and complete your research with confidence using the next generation of legal search.

See how WestSearch Plus works

With WestSearch Plus you can search using a plain language query or Boolean terms and connectors. You can also enter a citation to be taken directly to that specific document.

As you enter your query, relevant suggestions for your search will appear. Recommendations will get more specific as you type.

Quickly find the underlying authority relevant for thousands of legal topics. At the top of your result list you will see a law summary containing the most relevant information for your query.

View the case synopsis right from your search results so you can quickly determine if the case applies the law favorably without having to browse through the entire document.

Refine your search with dynamic filtering options including content type, jurisdiction, date, reported status, Key Number, and more.

Highlight terms related to specific concepts, words, or phrases that matter most to your research so you can easily determine the most relevant results for your issue.

With WestSearch Plus you can:

Search with confidence

Leverage advanced artificial intelligence that draws on exclusive editorial expertise.

Respond to clients faster

Find the most relevant content before diving into a results list so you can save valuable time.

Gain new insights

Uncover relevant questions and materials you may have otherwise missed with predictive research suggestions.

If a client contacts me and needs a quick answer, I can provide it more efficiently using Westlaw Edge.
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