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Client Experience

In the legal client experience, make it personal

· 5 minute read

· 5 minute read

Have you recently wondered how personal your experiences are with your clients? Maybe you’ve asked yourself,

“Do I keep my clients informed on business related to their legal matters?” or, “Are my clients truly satisfied with the level of service they receive?”  

If so, now might be the right time to make this aspect of your client’s experience a priority. 

Attorneys are in the business of personalization – there are no truly one-size-fits-all approaches in legal. That’s why clients, whatever the case, look to their attorneys as personal advisors. So, to make sure that clients receive the most personalized service possible, you should take the time to understand all of a client’s goals and objectives at the beginning of a project.  

Whatever stage of your career, you should also keep up to speed on legal developments in all relevant fields so you can provide timely advice on emerging issues that may affect a client’s case or business.    

It’s also a good idea to expand your knowledge base beyond your traditional scope of work – this means you’ll be able to provide a more comprehensive, customized legal service that covers clients for the broadest range of liabilities and impacts.  


Case study — Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLPCase study: Creating client portals that deliver a competitive advantage

Learn how this firm uses client portals to create personal experiences for their clients – that evolve as needs change.

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Collaboration tools take personalization further 

You can also take advantage of innovative tools to provide a personalized and collaborative environment with your client.  

For example, client portals can be personalized specifically for a client, welcoming them by name, featuring your firm’s branding and other design elements – think of your portal as a digital lobby.   

The portal shows the client only information that is relevant to them, which eliminates time-consuming travel and unnecessary meetings. Clients will be able to view relevant documents, files, and messages at their convenience, and can collaborate with you on their own schedule.  

By having communication and information related to the client centralized in one place, it will be easier for both you and the client to keep track of progress and ensure that nothing is missed.  Tools like this create a unique and enhanced experience for your client, which benefits everyone.  


4 orange blocks highlighted to symbolize four building blocks of a well-rounded client portal.

Client Portals powered by HighQ

Deliver a more transparent client experience.

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Ready to truly exceed client expectations? Explore how these three factors can enhance your client’s overall experience: 

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