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Teri Kruk
Senior Director of Analytical Content Management

Primary sources tell you what the law is, but Secondary Sources give you the why, when, where, if and how of the law. You’ve already read the Basics of Secondary Sources; now it’s time to look more closely at how to use Secondary Sources on Westlaw to your advantage.

Secondary Sources on Westlaw combines expert authors, an unmatched collection of premier analytical titles, with our deep tradition of excellence in legal publishing to help you quickly get up to speed in new areas of the law and to stay on top of developments in more familiar topics.

Here are just a few ways Secondary Sources on Westlaw can help you start stronger and finish faster.

Our authors are experts in every area of the law

With access to the most renowned legal experts in the U.S., Westlaw customers can gain valuable guidance and insight from the most knowledgeable legal minds in every area of the law. Our authors are generous with their knowledge, giving you the benefit of their years of experience and know-how. They hail from across the country and around the globe and practice in every area of the law. They know the law, they shape the law, and their practice experience is at the heart of Secondary Sources on Westlaw.

Our first and most important consideration when curating our analytical titles, practice areas, and authors is you, our customer. We leverage our wealth of relationships with existing authors to identify which new writers and experts in the field to work with. As the law develops and changes, our collection evolves to meet your needs.

The largest collection of leading analytical titles

Our premier Secondary Source collection includes many federal and state practice series and guides, treatises, forms, jury instructions, Restatements, legal encyclopedias, journals, law reviews and more including American Jurisprudence (AmJur), American Law Reports (ALR), Wright & Miller Federal Practice and Procedure, and McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition to name a few.

The depth and breadth of our collection saves you time and energy by getting you up to speed quickly and connecting you with other relevant authorities. The unparalleled Westlaw collection of top analytical resources not only delivers valuable insight into new and familiar areas of the law, it’s designed to work together with our primary law content to provide you with a full and complete understanding of the law affecting your particular issue.

For example, once you have read the applicable case law, statutory, or regulatory provisions, our Secondary Source content can tell you what else you might need to consider and consult. You will never find yourself at a dead end without a suggestion of what else might help you answer your question. Our titles not only help practitioners with their legal research and practice, but they are also used and trusted by the courts.

A tradition of excellence in legal publishing

Thomson Reuters Westlaw continues to expand on its tradition of excellence that dates back to 1875. Our Secondary Source content has expanded and evolved through those years, and is actively updated and maintained to give you the single most comprehensive collection of secondary legal analysis. Our continued investment in technology and in the development of authoritative legal content provides total support for our customers.

We work closely with our experts to assemble and maintain a deep and wide array of content sources. Our editorial processes allow us to publish faster and with more accuracy to help you transform your workflow, simplify your legal research, and bring the very best to your clients. Learn more about Westlaw today.

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