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Law schools

At select law schools with a Thomson Reuters Practice Ready Plan, students and faculty can access ProView eBooks via lawschool.westlaw.com. In addition to this browser access to ProView, faculty and students can also download the ProView app for mobile offline use.

Law firms

There are two ways to access ProView Enterprise eLibrary:

• ProView IP (Internet Protocol) Authentication access offers large organizations an enterprise-based purchasing model for Thomson Reuters ProView eBooks. Individuals across the entire organization can easily and transparently sign in to ProView to access eBooks in the eLibrary.
• ProView Personalized access allows the user to create annotations (bookmarks, highlighting, notes) in ProView eBooks. Personalized Access Users log into ProView with their existing OnePass username & password, and can access their ProView eBooks from any location, even where there is no internet access.


Qualifying government law departments and court libraries can access ProView eBooks on a concurrent enterprise basis with our Government Enterprise ProView Access program. OnePass Batch Personalization at install/deployment gives users access to ProView via a browser at proview.thomsonreuters.com.

Advantages of ProView

With ProView eBooks, users can access their titles anytime, anywhere, as well as features that let them:

  • Ensure accuracy with links to controlling authority on Westlaw and KeyCite
  • Copy and paste text into emails or other documents or create PDFs
  • Search within an eBook or across the entire eBook library to find the content they need
  • Access the eBook library – online or offline – using any ProView app (iPad®, Android™)
  • Use the ProView annotation features to create highlights, notes, and bookmarks in the eBooks
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