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Tap into the combined power of Westlaw Edge and Practical Law    

Without the best information in your corner, are you leaving stones unturned?

Easily toggle between Practical Law and Westlaw.

You know your legal research service can make the difference between a winning and losing strategy. Over a longer timeline, your legal research service will make the difference between success and failure for your firm.

Westlaw Edge and Practical Law offer the combination of insight and knowledge to make just that difference.

Features exclusive to Westlaw Edge

By moving to Westlaw Edge, you will gain access to next-generation legal research tools that help you find answers faster than ever and be confident your research is complete, including:

Litigation Analytics

Litigation Analytics brings insights into the people, precedents, and circumstances you need to know in order to craft the strongest litigation strategy.

KeyCite Overruling Risk

Only KeyCite Overruling Risk cautions you when a point of law has been implicitly overruled, so you know you’re citing good law.

WestSearch Plus

Faster and more accurate than ever, WestSearch Plus goes beyond results lists to suggest relevant research and resources tailored to your needs.

Statutes Compare and Regulations Compare

Statutes Compare and Regulations Compare instantly show you how any two statutes or federal regulations have changed over time. That means less time looking for changes in the law, and more time focusing on your client.

Curated content from Practical Law 

With access to reliable know-how tools like Practical Law, attorneys can complete projects in record time and meet the expectations of their clients. With Practical Law, you have instant access to thousands of resources you can trust to deliver your best work in less time and with less effort. This means you:

  • Have access to reliable resources in your practice area
  • Can be assured content is kept up-to-date
  • Have access to unmatched depth and breadth of legal knowledge
  • Can trust the answers from peers who personally understand your challenges
  • Get up to speed quickly on new matters
  • Handle less familiar matters with confidence
  • Educate and keep clients up-to-date on their matters more easily
  • Tackle any matter your clients throw your way
  • Access the guidance and vital information your associates need to build their knowledge base    

Matter maps

Provides step-by-step guidance on processes and key tasks for different matters within 10 practice areas.

  • Handle less familiar matters with confidence
  • Access on-point resources more readily
  • Train new associates
  • Educate and keep clients up-to-date on their matters more easily

Matter maps reduce any confusion and clearly lay out the next steps for any matter.

Find resources for any state or federal issue.

Public sector practice areas

Helping you meet the specialized needs of government clients with two new practice areas to address the specific needs of federal and state governmental entities.

  • Information Law
  • Labor & Employment
  • Procurement & Fiscal Law
  • General Federal Practice
  • Liability & Litigation
  • Government Administration
  • Public Finance & Economic Development
  • Regulations & Zoning

Legal Operations & Professional Development

Helping you manage the business side of your practice and solidify your role as a trusted advisor, strengthening your client relationships. 

  • Contract Management
  • Ethics & Professional Responsibility
  • Operations & Management
  • Professional Development
  • Technology & Innovation    
Practical Law offers a wide variety of expert articles and analysis that is on point and practical for every legal subject and jurisdiction.


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