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Fighting Fraud: How to Reinforce Your Customer Identification Program

Organizations are on their own when it comes to spotting fraudulent transactions, new forms of identity fraud, and the customers behind online accounts in financial, crypto, and retail spaces. When it comes to identity verification and fraud prevention, are you fully prepared?

With the right tools as well as strict adherence to industry best practices, you can reinforce your know-your-customer and anti-money laundering compliance programs. Automation — the wave of the future — allows you to implement these processes more efficiently and faster.  

Access this on-demand, 30-minute webinar on the benefits of automating fraud due diligence and risk assessment processes. See examples of how customizable data searches and AI analytics can quickly surface hard-to-locate information.

Fraud in the COVID era is certainly not slowing down; discover how to optimize your KYC and AML programs to withstand the challenges of a rapidly evolving business environment.

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