White paper

How to write a hard-hitting brief that judges want


A brief is one of the most critical case-winning devices. It sets the tone for your case and establishes your winning strategy from the outset. And, it is one of the few times judges give your argument their undivided attention – so make it count! Submitting a subpar brief will give the opponent an advantage and put your client’s rights, freedom, or money at stake. A “good enough” brief can carry definitive consequences.

Whether you are an experienced attorney who has written hundreds of briefs or are just starting out, the advice in this white paper will help you craft a hard-hitting brief that will win the respect of judges.

What you'll take away:

  • What to do before you even start your research to set you up for success
  • What to consider in your legal analysis to build the strongest argument
  • How to organize your brief with clear and concise writing

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