Thomson Reuters Regional Law Firm Brand Indexes 2021

A few months on from having released the Global Law Firm Brand Index, we now take a look at how US, Canada, UK and Mainland Europe markets and law firm brands have handled the continued disruption that the global pandemic has caused in the different regions.

However, two trends that we saw from the Global view can be seen in every one of these markets as firms try to compete for their clients.

First, in a disruptive year, clients gravitated to their most trusted advisors and firms, doubling down on their strongest relationships.

Second, in a year where travel has come to a stand-still for many organizations, Global coverage remains crucial to clients, but it is not enough without strong local presence. When clients can’t travel to locations for business, they need a firm with the right capabilities to represent them locally.

Having looked at each of the regional Indexes individually a third overarching global theme emerges from the analysis, clients are looking to partner with their firms as they navigate the future and financial uncertainty.

Overall, the brand Indexes provide evidence of a firm’s progress against strategy and it provides a view of the bigger picture and the trends at play in the wider market. The Thomson Reuters Regional Law Firm Brand Indexes are all based on data compiled from Sharplegal 2020. To learn more about the Regional Law Firm Brand Indexes and the other trends effecting each market or gain access to global legal market data to improve firm performance and sharpen your competitive edge, please contact

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