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Uninterrupted productivity with cloud-based services for law firms

The business continuity discussion is one that's been floating around law firms throughout the industry — and, indeed, most other industries around the globe — for several years. At most firms, however, those conversations never translated into any kind of meaningful action.

The issue landed front and center with the start of the pandemic and trickled into the growing geopolitical and economic turbulence of 2022, leading to an all-time low in productivity as reported by the Thomson Reuters Law Firm Financial Index. Law firms still have their share of challenges to contend with, but they can remain forward-thinking through the uncertainty by expanding their investments in technologies like the cloud.

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  1. How legal tech conversations have shifted within law firms
  2. The benefits of moving to the cloud
  3. What a cloud-based financial and practice management solution can do for your firm
  4. How to start the tech investment conversation

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