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Strategies for advancing technology within the courts

Strategies for advancing technology within the courts


Jason Enders

U.S. Sales Manager Thomson Reuters

Mickey Sulkin

Business Development Thomson Reuters

Denny O'Connor, J.D. & M.I.P

Sales Specialist, Case Center Thomson Reuters

Joey Kerber

Manager, Westlaw SWAT Team Thomson Reuters

That feeling when you are absolutely on your game

Gain usable information on how courts and judges enhance productivity through technological advancement. You’ll learn what challenges courts face today, how modernized courts are tackling these challenges, and get a sneak peek into the Thomson Reuters suite of court solutions. These solutions are a cornerstone in modernizing the management of digital evidence and organizing and analyzing the facts and the law of a case faster and more accurately to help you get through your hearings more efficiently and expeditiously.

  • Understand how courts and judges enhance productivity through the advancement of technology within the court
  • Learn what strategies other judges and courts are implementing to modernize
  • Hear how the Thomson Reuters suite of court solutions can support a modern court strategy

Additional details

  • Jason Enders
    U.S. Sales Manager, Thomson Reuters

    Jason has over 18 years of experience at Thomson Reuters in various roles supporting technology in the legal community. He is currently in a consultative leadership role supporting the digital initiatives of courts and justice system partners.

  • Mickey Sulkin
    Business Development, Thomson Reuters

    Mickey Sulkin started working for Thomson Reuters (then called “Thomson”) in 1998 after serving in the United States Marine Corps. He has held various roles working with court clients throughout the United States. He currently leads business development efforts in the U.S. for Case Center.

  • Denny O'Connor
    J.D. & M.I.P, Sales Specialist, Case Center, Thomson Reuters

    Denny has been at Thomson Reuters for 16 years, working in various roles to support federal, state, and local government agencies with both investigative and legal solution needs. He partners with U.S. Case Center sales executives to help assess customer needs and provide targeted demonstrations to eliminate current and potential pain points.

  • Joey Kerber
    Manager, Westlaw SWAT Team, Thomson Reuters

    Joey serves as a manager on the Westlaw product management team. He graduated from DePaul University College of Law in 2012. Before joining Thomson Reuters in 2015, he focused his practice on advising small businesses and entrepreneurs on issues from real estate and transition planning to software development and licensing.

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