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Today, data privacy is at the top of many people’s minds. Individuals around the world place their trust in companies to handle their sensitive information safely and responsibly. Companies also have internal information they can’t risk getting out. Security threats are increasing and breaches can occur without proper safety measures. With access to personal information, companies must work to implement policies and procedures to keep it secure.

While securing sensitive data is vital, developing a privacy compliance program can present many challenges for companies and in-house legal counsel may feel unequipped to handle these growing needs. Practical Law Connect provides you with the trusted resources you need to advise your company on how to protect itself and its data. Access expert insights on various data privacy laws and regulations and better understand how to assess and prevent security threats in your company.

In the white paper “Practical Law Connect for data privacy,” you can view two complete Practical Law Connect resources: “Checklist Performing Data Security Risk Assessments” and the Practice Note “Developing a Privacy Compliance Program.” Also included is a list of links to other relevant resources on data privacy.

Find out how Practical Law Connect equips you with the knowledge you need to help keep your company’s data safe.

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