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Looking specifically at Statutes Compare, it saves a lot of time. Attorneys ask me for the legislative history of a bill, including when a section was added and why. I've done this manually many, many times. Statues Compare does it for you automatically. Now you can see a redline version of what was added or deleted. It makes our research faster and more comprehensive. You just click a button. It saves a lot of time.
Margaret Bartlett
Library Manager, Locke Lord LLP

Advanced technology like Westlaw Edge is great way to stand out as an associate. If you know how to research efficiently and get to the right answers quickly, that positions you at the head of the pack. You’re going to keep getting more interesting research projects and better work, and partners will trust you more to have client contact later on in the process.
Sarah-Michelle Stearns
Associate, Locke Lord LLP

Research is always important to any litigation practice. But the insights provided by Litigation Analytics provide an additional layer I draw upon to advise my clients.
Alicia Castro
Partner, Locke Lord LLP

When I walk into a partner's office and they ask, "are you sure you've located all of the analysis on this issue?" I can say, with more confidence, "yes, the cases we are citing are good law."
David Standa
Associate, Locke Lord LLP

With Litigation Analytics, I'm able to quickly find citations a particular judge has written, or concepts that a judge has relied on before. I then work these opinions, or concepts, into my arguments, making my motions more persuasive and more impactful.
Rusty Perdew
Partner, Locke Lord LLP

Prior to using this tool, the process to gain insight on judges was based on personal experience. But even if you practice quite often in front of a judge, your experience is still a very small percentage of the cases that judge handles. Your experience may be an anomaly. Having this analytics tool helps to either put some support behind your gut feeling or recalibrate if the data says otherwise.
Joshua Ebersole, Associate
Associate, Shearman & Sterling

Clients care about their future and their businesses. They're looking for a partner that cares just as much, and who will innovate with them. If we can offer tools, data and information that helps mitigate risk or mitigate legal spend – all of which Westlaw Edge allows us to do – that helps us keep our critical clients. It helps us in differentiating ourselves in RFPs, and it brings us to the forefront as being a different type of firm that has both the lawyer expertise and the innovation to bring us to the future.
Meredith Williams-Range
Chief Knowledge and Client Value Officer, Shearman & Sterling

Westlaw offers tremendous savings across the board. It works intuitively to make the legal research process more efficient – saving time for me and my clients.
Lloyd Bowers
Wickersham & Bowers

A lawyer is only as strong as the legal arguments they present. Westlaw is an invaluable resource for lawyers, with the ability to find caselaw that is directly applicable to the arguments being made or opposed.
Large Law Attorney

I love the changes Westlaw has made. It's a great resource, the interface is user friendly, and I couldn't do my job without it.
Government Attorney
Westlaw makes legal research a streamlined, efficient experience. Tools such as Research Recommendations and Live Chat, make Westlaw my go-to for legal research.

Thomson Reuters Westlaw - Why Better Matters

With Westlaw, the information that we have available at our fingertips has allowed us to become more efficient in all areas of the company.
Rich Vohra
LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc.

With the exception of my computer, Westlaw may be the most important and helpful resource I use in my practice.
Joseph Anderson
Associate Attorney, Hirsch & Westheimer

Westlaw gives me access to all of the resources I need to do my job, and does so in a way that is intuitive and easy to use.
Small Law Attorney
The efficiency and trustworthiness of the results provides our staff with the ability to be more productive.

Thomson Reuters Westlaw - Accuracy & Efficiency


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