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Introducing new features on Litigation Analytics

Litigation Analytics on Westlaw Edge already provides data-driven insights on judges, courts, attorneys, law firms, and case types across the most practice areas so you can better manage client expectations and build the strongest case strategy.

With the latest enhancements, you can find the most relevant judge, attorney, and law firm information from a single page and even compare judges to the court average, plus fully understand what coverage is included and dive into new case types to help you research more efficiently.

Check out these new reasons to start with Litigation Analytics for your next case.

  • Damages. Assess and value litigation to determine the best course of action for a case or client based on possible risks or exposures, cost-benefit analysis of taking on or continuing with a case, and settlement negotiation tactics.
  • New active judges page. Quickly understand the context of your judge compared to the court average, compare two judges, or apply new dynamic filters to narrow your results.
  • New judge overview page. Get the most relevant highlights for your judge, including a judge’s propensity to rule in favor of the plaintiff or defendant on a particular type of motion, length of time until an order is issued, experience with various case types, appeals of this judge’s decisions, and recent federal activity.
  • New attorney overview pageStay ahead of your opposing counsel with the most relevant insights on a single page, including experience by case types and courts, motion success, top motions, grant rates, recent activity, and biographical information. 
  • New law firm overview page. Highlight your firm’s experience and success rate or evaluate outside counsel with the most relevant law firm information, including experience, motion success, top motions, grant rates, recent activity, and biographical information.
  • New Case Types. Start with new case types, including Public Health Emergencies and Civil Rights, to quickly get the legal information you need related to your matter.
  • Better transparency. Easily toggle between state and federal analytics separately, get more detailed coverage information on each page, and see full details on what’s included with an enhanced coverage map accessible from any Litigation Analytics page.


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