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What is my current account balance?

Learn how to check your account balance

Use our self-service portal

  1. Log in to the self-service portal to view your Total due.  My Account users, continue on to steps 2-5.
  2. From your account's home page, click the Billing & Payment menu and choose Open Items & Balance Detail. (If you manage multiple accounts, click Open Items & Balance Detail located under the Billing & Payment section of the dashboard).
  3. Open Items lists all charges due.
  4. Pending Charges lists all charges not yet billed.
  5. Balance Detail lists all charges open and pending.

Let us help you

  1. Have your 10-digit account number ready
  2. Call 1-800-328-4880
  3. Say "Account Services", then follow the prompts



Call our customer support team. Available M–F from 7AM-7PM CT.

Submit a request

Submit a request to our customer support team.