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Where do I mail my payment?

Our payment address differs depending on the currency in which you are submitting your payment.  Use the table below to determine where to mail your check payment.

Check Payment Reminders:

  • Include the bottom portion of your invoice with your payment
  • Include your account number on your check
  • Remit payment in the currency you were invoiced

Please note: These addresses are for payments only. Any correspondence sent to these addresses will not be seen.

Currency Check Payment Address

Thomson Reuters - West

Payment Center

P.O. Box 6292

Carol Stream, IL 60197-6292


West Publishing 

c/o Bank of America - 48432017

P O Box 278

Lowton Way, Hellaby

Rotherham S98 1RQ

United Kingdom


West Publishing c/o Bank of America Cheque Clearing Services

Attn:  Payment Services

1st Floor

26 Elmfield Road

Bromley, Kent  BR1 1WA

United Kingdom


West Publishing Corporation c/o Bank of America NA, Sydney

Attn:  Banking Services

L32 Governor Phillip Tower

1 Farrer Place

Sydney NWS 2000



West Publishing Corp T57381C

PO Box 57381, STN A

Toronto, ON  M5W 5M5



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