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How do I set up a prepayment?

You have the option to prepay for services should you wish to make a lump payment in advance of the invoicing for these services. Information on how to set up and understand prepayments is listed below:

To make a prepayment, please call Customer Service at 1-800-328-4880 with the following information:  

  1. Payment method (Credit card)
  2. Prepayment amount
  3. Product or service to prepay

Please note:

  • Invoices will continue to be sent on the same invoicing schedule to show how your prepayment is being applied
  • Your invoices will show the total invoice charge, a less-prepayment amount, remaining amount due (if applicable), and the remaining prepayment balance
  • Your prepayment will continue to be applied to the selected product or service until the remaining prepayment balance is $0.00



Call our customer support team. Available M–F from 7AM-7PM CT.

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