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What option do I have if I cannot pay my full amount due?

We are excited to offer you a Modified Payment Schedule (MPS) as an alternative to immediate full payment.  An MPS allows you to take the sum of your past due balance and spread it out over an agreed upon amount of time, not exceeding 6 months. This option will run concurrently with your regular monthly payments. 

Benefits Include:

  • Organized and flexible payment options during a financially challenging time.
  • No penalties. No interest. No hidden fees.
  • Stop any collection efforts and continue to enjoy the value of your Thomson Reuters products/services.  

Enrollment Qualifications

  1. Account must have a balance due
  2. Includes any products billed from Thomson Reuters – West Publishing Corporations (i.e. Westlaw, Findlaw, Print, etc.).
  3. Ability to receive e-billing and setup autopay via ACH or credit card to make your payments.

Please click below PDF to learn more about the process and how to sign up.



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